Dental Disease in Cats
Dental disease is a very serious and frequently overlooked health problem that we see in feline practice. Unfortunatley, by the time a caring owner suspects a problem, there can be fairly advanced dental disease. If left untreated gingivitis can lead to more serious medical problems including abcessed teeth, tooth loss, and diseases of the nasal passages.

Dental Prophylaxis (Cleaning)
Prevention is the key to a healthy mouth. Existing tartar must be removed with a professional dental cleaning. We clean your cat’s teeth the same way your dentist would clean yours, the only difference is that, in order for us to do a thorough job, our patients must be anesthetized. We use hand scalers and ultrasonic scalers to remove the tartar, then we polish the teeth with a high-speed polisher. We do age- appropriate, presurgical bloodwork to make sure your cat is a good anesthetic canidate. 

Dental Extractions
If extractions must be performed, we have the capability to do oral surgery. Pain management will be provided to keep your cat comfortable. We use a very safe inhalant anesthesia and intra-oral regional anesthesia, much like the way your dentist would give you a novicaine injection. This balanced approach decreases the amount of time the patients spend under anesthesia and speeds recovery.