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Kitty Corner Cat Clinic provides services to cats of all ages, including:

Dr. Harris recommends spaying and neutering of kittens at
5 months of age. Blood tests for infectious diseases and microchipping are performed at this time since the kitten is under general anesthesia, and won't be stressed by the experience.

Life-stage Wellness Exams
It is important to have a thorough exam at least once yearly.
Dr. Harris records the weight, pulse and respiration of each patient. An assessment of the eyes, ear, haircoat, teeth, abdominal palpation, and any indications of pain, are part of every examination. Cats with chronic diseases or on medication will require more frequent visits.

With our new digital x-ray system, Dr. Harris is able to take views of any part of the cat's body, including the teeth. These can be sent to a board-certified radiologist for reading and commentary by using telemedicine.

Dental cleanings and tooth extractions are part of routine health care for your cat as well as for yourself. Dr. Harris performs dentistry under general anesthesia, as indicated by guidelines of the American Association of Feline Practitioners. She performs blood tests prior to the anesthesia to ensure that there are no unacceptable risks.


Behavioral Consultations
Dr. Harris has spent time as a trainer in a previous lifetime, so she is interested in
deciphering feline behavior.

Nail trimmings and shaves are available to our patients with current exams
and vaccines. 

Emergency Care
Critical patients are seen for immediate stabilization before being referred to an
appropriate 24-hour care facility. Dr. Harris will be able to perform blood tests
and radiographs to diagnose the condition, and then perform fluid administration,
laceration repair and cardiac stabilization as needed.